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How To Reduce Or Kill Sugar Cravings Simply And Quickly

How To Reduce Or Kill Sugar Cravings Simply And Quickly

Below I have listed a few things I’ve found helped me break the cycle. Cleanse. Alkalise. Oxygenate. Increase probiotics.

I have reduced my cravings by up to 70% in 4 to 24hrs. Pretty impressive. And just with a spoonful each of parasite cleanse, calcium and probiotics.
Parasites are able to secrete a compound that makes you crave what’s good for them and bad for you. So, listening to your body is important, but be sure it’s your body that’s doing the talking. They will also use up your nutrients, so you have to eat more to be nourished as you won’t have just one mouth to feed but millions.  So, the principle is simple; kill the parasites, flukes and worms, make your gut an undesirable environment for them by alkalising and oxygenating, making it a favourable environment for the good bacteria, and then increasing your good bacteria.

The process is as follows:

  • I use 1Tbsp Nature Fresh Parasite Cleanse up to 3 times a day, but at least once first thing in the morning. You can also but the ingredients separately as tinctures or sometimes as capsules. Look for  olive leaf, wormwood, black walnut hull and ivy.
  • Then 1 heaped tsp Nature Fresh Calcium powder (I have no affiliation to Nature Fresh, in my experience they work the best. The best calcium product on the market in pill form has at best only a 60% absorption rate, hence I use the powder which is much more bioavailable). If you want to save money and/or be more eco you could nuke organic eggshells in the microwave to kill pathogens, crush and consume a spoonful daily. This is one of the most bioavailable forms of calcium, along with a few other minerals. Back to the powder…it is best to take it at night (I do it morning and night with this cleanse) as this is when your body uses more calcium and it also helps to flush out the dead parasites, and it will also alkalise and oxygenate your gut, which is also the environment in which the good bacteria thrive (ps, all disease and illnesses have in common that they can only survive in an acidic system that’s low in oxygen, so it is a really good idea to change this).
  • Then increase your probiotics. You can either purchase this at Dis-chem or health shops. Only buy the ones in the fridge, remember this is a live culture. And take a multi-billion one. Check if it is in powder or capsule form, I definitely find the capsules easier. A healthy system has 100 billion to 100 trillion good bacteria per millimetre (read that again if you will). People with the average poor western diet have been found to have 4 per millimetre (you may also read that again). My biggest health change occurred when I started taking probiotics. But they are not cheap, so luckily there are alternatives such as fermented food and drinks like kimchi (my favourite), kombucha and kefir. The last two are available from me, you can read more about them here if you are eager to know). I will however discuss them in another article.

I have found this process to be massively effective in kicking my habit. Which is important for many reasons, here are some you may not have known about:

  • the ageing effect caused by glycation (up to 20yrs, ladies) You can find the article (here)
  • toxic liver damage
  • linked to cancer production and cancer survival
  • can switch off leptin, your body’s hormone that tells you you’ve had enough to eat
  • promotes belly fat
  • can damage your heart
  • can sap your brain power
  • ages your brain
  • can shorten your life
  • and 76 more reasons can be found (here)

If you are now bored of reading you may stop, as you’ve gotten the important info I wanted to share. If you want more hacks on curbing the habit and guilt-free alternative snacks, read on…

If I told you there was a new pill available that did all the things to you that sugar does I am certain you would NOT race off to buy it, let alone daydreaming about it and craving it. I’ve found that the thing that makes it hardest for me to break any addiction (be it smoking or sugar) is the social acceptability of it. “But it’s ok, look, everyone’s doing it, even kids. They can’t all be wrong. Right?” Except the science disagrees. Remember, the only ones telling you sugar is ok are the ones profiting from it. There are tribes in South America that believe that sugar is the most dangerous drug on this planet, and will not touch it. Remember some of the points mentioned above the next time you have cravings. It is ok to have some every now and again, I’m no Pleasure Nazi. Just keep in mind the true cost of it. I also find what helps me is if I ask myself “will this heal me, or harm me?” And that helps make the cravings go away as I see how it aligns with my true desire for myself and my life, not just instant gratification. The simple process outlined above has helped me massively and I find cravings hard to ignore without it, but with this process I don’t even think about chocolate.

Should you want a sweet treat I find peanut butter and coconut oil on crackerbread (or whatever edible surface you prefer) really feels like you’re having a dessert, without the guilt and with many benefits (read article (here))

There is also a delicious recipe for a raw vegan cheesecake, with just 4 ingredients in the filling, and 3 for the crust, but alas I cannot find it now. You will just have to keep reading my mails as I will add it when I find it. It’s an absolute winner. (or if you can’t wait that long you can google avocado cheesecake). Or whipping cacao powder into coconut oil until it becomes a mousse is also decadent and healthy. If you want a chocolate rather go for high quality dark chocolate which has numerous benefits along with a low sugar content, and take the time to acknowledge that you are really treating yourself. You are not treating yourself with chemical laden candy. If you feel you’ve hit an energy slump you’re better off making a cup of tea. I also downloaded an app called Money Wise that’s so quick and easy to capture an entry you can do it while waiting for your change or swiping your card. I used it solely to capture the chocolates I was purchasing every month and was shocked to see I spent up to R600. Another reason to seriously cut back.
And more ways to detox (here)

Everyone has different reasons for doing things and different ways of dealing with these, so please feel free to give me feedback, about what works for you, or doesn’t. I hope this article has helped. And if there is any topic in particular you would like me to address and discuss please let me know at

Please also note I’m not a qualified doctor or nutritionist, I’ve just been a health enthusiast for years. So please don’t take my advice over that of a professional that you trust and be willing to experiment as long as there’s no obvious risk to you in doing so.

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Wishing you health and happiness

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