How To Use - Organic Machine
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How To Use

The absence of harmful chemicals and preservatives in Organic Machine’s products mean that they have to be handled slightly differently from what you may be used to in order to maximise their shelf-life and effectiveness.

Please store in cool, dry places, out of direct sunlight.

Always close lids directly after use to minimise oxidation.

Be aware of expiry date and use within that time.

Please also read the information on this website about each product that you purchased for more specific details, as this will also explain how to maximise the effects of your products while using a minimal amount. (If that seems like too much effort, although I highly recommend it, I have summed up the shelf-life extending points at the bottom of this list).

Always store upright as some heat sensitive products melt easily in our African temperatures and you wouldn’t want it to spill everywhere.

If a product melts and sets unevenly, just heat it in a bowl of warm water until it is liquid, stir and leave in the fridge to set, or if it is so hot that it will stay melted then simply stir before using. If any spilled along the ream of the lid, remove this or the lid will seal shut as it hardens. If this happens you can use hot water to loosen it again.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at if you have any questions. Feedback on products is not only welcome but encouraged as it helps me to provide products and services that truly cater to your needs.

Custom made products and gift sets are available on request.

Organic Machine is passionate about handcrafting truly exceptional natural, organic, vegan and beegan beauty and sensual products. All products have been locally handmade with much love and attention to detail. No harmful chemicals are used in Organic Machine products: no artificial preservatives, colourants, fragrances or perfumes. All Organic Machine products are 100% biodegradable and packaging is recyclable or re-usable. Refills are available at a 5% discount.