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Tip-to-toe salad

Tip-to-toe salad

I know most people don’t like salad. And with the oh-so-common and suicidally boring greek salad that is usually the only one available to most, I don’t blame them. Salads can be nutritious, delicious and filling and I’d like share my recipe with you.

So for optimal health you need to eat a rainbow everyday, which means eat food that belongs to each colour group (I am unable to post the image showing where all the fruits and veg fall on the chart and what those offer in terms of health (like protection or regeneration). This ensures that you get a full spectrum of phytonutrients along with plenty micro and macro nutrients. After doing this for 3 days I could not believe the difference to my skinClear and radiant!

My salad varies from day to day but I have found that the biggest influencers in a delicious taste are onions and lemon juice. So I recommend using whichever of the ingredients mentioned, but don’t forget the onions and lemon juice. I make a large bowl of this 3 times a week and my husband and I eat it throughout the whole day. I do cut the pieces up much smaller than indicated in the image. While it sounds like a lot it really is fast (about 20 mins) and if you consider that this is the only meal you need to prepare for the whole day it really is worth it. If you find that it really does seem like too much work, consider rearranging your kitchen items to make the process smooth and flowing. Remember: you want to make the right thing to do the easy thing to do.

Ingredients are:

Lettuce/any combination of light and dark leafy greens (Cos is far more nutritious than Romaine)


Parsley (excellent blood cleanser)

Grated carrots (excellent for clear skin)

Onion (high in sulphur – excellent for joint health. I use purple onions as I then get nutrients from the purple and white spectrum)


Wheat germ

Nutritional yeast

Ground flax, pumpkin and hemp seeds

Chia seeds



Gooseberries (this gives the salad a truly exceptional taste)

Mushrooms (high in sulphur – great for joint health)


Peanuts (if they still have their skin on you get nutrients from the purple and white spectrum)

Grated radishes (excellent for skin)




Raw grated sweet potato (adds a lovely crunch)



Olive oil

Hemp oil

Plain yoghurt

Lemon juice

Cayenne pepper

Honey (contains, amongst many other things, digestive enzymes)

Apple cider vinegar

Also keep in mind the dirty dozen and clean 15. If you can’t get something as organic you can clean off the pesticides by soaking the veg in a sink full of water with a 1/4 cup of vinegar for 10 minutes. I usually do this as soon as it is bought, that way I know everything in the fridge thereafter is clean and ready to be consumed. If you do not have the time for this consider delegating it to you domestic worker.

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Wishing you health and happiness


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