Purifying Foaming Face Wash (50ml) - Organic Machine
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Purifying Foaming Face Wash (50ml)

Purifying Foaming Face Wash (50ml)


This foaming face wash with gently clean your skin without leaving it feeling tight. Be sure to use a toner after as skin prefers to be slightly acidic and soaps are by their very nature alkaline. Excellent for sensitive skin that reacts easily to most other products. The wash and toner combination have been rated as equivalent to spa quality products that retail for R600-800.

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It is more of a gentle cleanser and especially good for problematic and sensitive skins. Does not remove think makeup, but the toner does. So using both will be suitable for most skin situations.

This product is vegan.

It has been recommended to wash your face only once a day, but to tone twice. I prefer to wash and tone at night, and rinse my face with water in the morning (then exercise. Don’t forget that exercise is an indispensable step of your beauty routine ) then tone again. You should preferably wash for 2 minutes, gently circling your fingers across your skin. I have added a little extra glycerine to this wash so that it stays moist for long enough to allow doing this. And really allow yourself the time to just pamper yourself, and acknowledge that this is the youngest you’ll ever be, and celebrate that. I promise it makes a difference, by day three of being mindful during my beauty routine I see a drastic difference to my skin. Even light a candle if you want to make it special and to remind yourself of your intention.

Please note that this is a gentle cleanser and is especially good for sensitive skin. Especially for people who seem to be unable to use most products without resulting in some breakout or rash. This does however mean that it is not suitable to remove heavy make-up.

Colloidal silver, Distiller water, Saponified extra virgin Olive oil, Cold-pressed Coconut oil*, Cold-pressed Castor oil, Plant-based Glycerine, Argan oil*, Pomegranate oil, Rose oil, Rosemary oil* and Tea tree oil*.

Shake before use.

Please read How To Use in the main menu for further tips, tricks and advice on how to get the most our of your beauty routine and increasing the rate at which your skin condition improves.