Glide Sensual Lubricant (30ml) - Organic Machine
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Glide Sensual Lubricant (30ml)

Glide Sensual Lubricant (30ml)


This truly unique lubricant is one of Organic Machine’s most popular items. It provides a delightfully smooth glide at the perfect consistency for maximum sensation. After applying a small scoop of glide, body heat causes the product to melt against the skin so that it can be spread exactly where desired. Glide does not dry out and multiple applications are rarely necessary. Glide lasts well in the shower and is exceptionally well-suited to anal play.


As Glide is an oil-based lubricant, it should never be used with latex condoms.

Please Note:
Glide is temperature sensitive, so do allow for some variation in consistency according to fluctuations in ambient temperature. It will always melt quickly with body heat, so regardless of the climate, Glide is ready for play.
Occasionally the product may not be perfectly smooth due to heat exposure during delivery. This does not affect its use at all, but if you prefer the smoother look, simply place the container in some warm water to allow the glide to melt, give it a stir and place in the fridge to set.

Cold-pressed Coconut oil*, Shea butter*, Cacao butter*, Beeswax, Fair-trade Cacao powder* and Vitamin E oil.

It is safe for use with silicone.

This product is Beegan.