Midnight Bloom Serum (100ml) - Organic Machine
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Midnight Bloom Serum (100ml)

Midnight Bloom Serum (100ml)


Midnight Bloom is a unique and wonderfully versatile product. It softens the skin, reduces fine lines, and soothes away irritation. While the intensely moisturising effect is ideally suitable for very dry or environmentally damaged skin, Midnight Bloom can be used by all skin types to great effect.

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Midnight Bloom’s healing properties is particularly effective at restoring the texture and elasticity of the skin after damage caused by eczema or sunburn.

One of Organic Machine’s most popular products, Midnight Bloom can be used as night lotion, eye cream, serum, and even as a rejuvenating face mask (when mixed with Organic Machine’s  Face Scrub).

This product is both organic and vegan friendly. It derives its distinctive colour from specially selected rose petals, leading to slight colour variations in the final product.


As night lotion/eye cream: Apply to face/eye area at night after cleansing and toning.

For a full body treatment: Apply to whole body at night and rinse off in the morning. If you have very dry skin the product will be completely absorbed, providing exceptional relief. If you have normal or oily skin, Midnight Bloom may feel slightly oily after application. Using a smaller amount and applying it to slightly damp skin will reduce this effect. 

As a rejuvenating face mask: Add some Midnight Bloom to a small scoop of Organic Machine Face Scrub in the palm of your hand or a small mixing bowl. Mix into a paste and apply to the face, neck, and décolletage area. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water and Organic Machine Foaming Face Wash.

To treat eczema/damaged skin: Apply to the affected area twice daily. For intensive treatment the product can be re-applied as soon as it has been completely absorbed. While this will leave the skin feeling slightly oily, the results will be more than worth it. If you find the oiliness to be irritating, the product can be slightly diluted by applying it with wet hands or onto damp skin.

Shake before use

Discontinue use if the product becomes cloudy

Use on three consecutive nights for fast, visible results.


Vegetable glycerine (palm-free), Rose infused distilled water, Colloidal silver, Optiphen*, Argan oil*, Rose oil, Rosemary oil* and Vitamin E oil.


Please read How To Use in the main menu for further helpful hints and advice on how to get the best results from Organic Machine products.