Valentines Gift Idea: Peak, Glide & Lickable
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Glide, Peak & Lickable Gift


Glide, Peak & Lickable Gift



What’s a more giving gift than the gift of intimacy? Three of our most loved products Glide, Lickable and Peak make a fabulous Valentines gift idea for someone special, or for yourself. Beautifully wrapped and packaged, this gift set is available for delivery nationwide. 


What’s In the Box?

Peak Female Arousal Balm 30ml

Designed to stimulate blood flow, arouse the senses and invigorate your mojo, Peak female arousal balm was conceptualised for and by women. It’s okay if you don’t know where your on switch is, or if you aren’t already on your way for date night, in between everything you have to do in a day. Peak is there to give you a helping hand and get you ready, even if your body says it might not be.

Made from all-natural and organic ingredients that are kind to your pink bits, Peak has been formulated to take pleasure to its absolute peak. 

Click here to read more about Peak Female Arousal Balm.


Glide Personal Lubricant 30 ml

Whether you’re celebrating yourself or your intimate relationship, Glide will ensure you have the lubrication required to experience sensual pleasure. An organic and oil-based personal lubricant, Glide is long lasting and gentle on your pink bits.

We’ve made our lube oil-based so that you can enjoy it in water too. Unlike water-based lubes which wash away and need to be reapplied constantly, Glide’s smooth consistency ensures it can be used safely in the shower, bath tub or swimming pool without any loss of sensation. Glide can be used for penetrative and anal sex, during solo play and masturbation or for use with a menstrual cup or tampon.

Thanks to our selection of natural and organic ingredients, Glide is preservative and fragrance-free. 

Because Glide and Peak are oil-based, the products should not be used with latex condoms.

Click here to read more about Glide Personal Lubricant.


Lickable 30 ml

This edible chocolate body butter is perfect for some decadently indulgent bedroom play. Apply to 4 of your favourite spots, and tell your partner to discover all five. This product contains oils, and should therefore not come into contact with latex condoms.

We’ll be honest: we’ve tried a lot of edible chocolate body butters and they generally don’t taste great! So we decided to create Lickable, a truly delicious and chocolate-y body butter that you actually want to lick off someone else’s skin. It’s made from raw superfoods to be tasty, stimulating and generally good for you (and your partner). The perfect Valentines gift idea.