Peak Arousal Butter (30ml) - Organic Machine
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Peak Arousal Butter (30ml)

Peak Arousal Butter (30ml)


Peak chocolate-mint arousal butter provides a tantalizing, teasing sensation to take your love-play to a perfect peak. Apply a small amount to the clitoris and allow a few minutes for it to take effect as it melts with body heat, increasing blood flow to the area and heightening sensitivity. The amount can be increased for a more intense sensation. Use daily for maximum benefit 😉

This product contains oils, and should therefore not come into contact with latex condoms.


Please Note:
Peak arousal butter is temperature sensitive, so do allow for some variation in consistency according to fluctuations in ambient temperature. It will always melt quickly with body heat, so regardless the climate Peak is ready to play.


Cold-pressed Coconut oil*, Shea butter*, Cacao butter*, Beeswax, Fair-trade Cacao powder*, Peppermint oil* and Vitamin E oil.


This product is Beegan